U-Jagd Uhr

The Submarine Hunter's Watch

Used for estimating target boat's speed in knots/s

Day Mode


  1. Bring your sub to a complete stop.
  2. Put the vertical center line of the periscope in front of your target.
  3. Start the U-Jagd Uhr the instant your target reaches the line.
  4. Keep your periscope completely still until the boat passes.
  5. Stop the U-Jagd Uhr the instant the boat finishes crossing your line.
  6. Find the boat's length with the recognition manual and match it with the length ring on the U-Jagd Uhr.
  7. You now know your target's estimated speed in kts.


  1. 3/20/21 - Release
  2. 3/21/21 - Hi-Res Watch, New buttons, instructions, layout
  3. 3/22/21 - Brand new (more detailed and easier to read) stop watch. Night mode test.